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Devika Toilet Seat Hygienizer!








Toilet seats are one of the most High-traffic germ  areas!

While Toilet cleaners clean and Hygienize the Toilet bowl,the toilet seat is often left uncleaned or merely cleaned with water.

Toilet seats need to be hygienized after every use to prevent transmission of germs or infections.

USE DEVIKA TOILET SEAT HYGIENIZER!  to protect yourself while hygienising the toilet seat!

Before using the Toilet,spray DEVIKA TOILET SEAT HYGIENIZER!    on the toilet seat.Use the toilet after about 5 seconds!Spray dries in about 5 seconds!

So you think you do not need DEVIKA TOILET SEAT HYGIENIZER!  at your home?

Try this:Just spray DEVIKA TOILET SEAT HYGIENIZER!   in your home toilet & wipe with a tissue paper!You will see the dirt left behind!

Available in 60ml Travel Pack & 200ml Home Pack!

Travel pack lasts for about 150 uses(3sprays/use) & Home Pack lasts much more!

DEVIKA TOILET SEAT HYGIENIZER!   is a must while travelling!



Devika Phenyle: Black Disinfectant Fluid (Black Phenyl)

Devika Phenyle:

Black Disinfectant fluid

Essence of Phenyle

 Black Phenyle 

DEVIKA   Disinfectant Black Fluid as per IS specifications is  powerful solution to keep your floor clean and hygienic.
We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the most reliable floor cleaning liquid manufacturer and exporter from India.



( Rideal Walker Coefficient)



Devika Phenyle is a black disinfectant fluid made from substituted phenolic compounds.


Black Disinfectant/Phenyl
Kills Germs fast!
Keeps home clean & germ free!
Dilute 50 times before use
100ml to 200Lit Packing
100ml,300ml,500ml,1 lit pet packing too.


As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hygiene products & cleaning materials, we manufacture a wide range of Black Disinfectant Fluid under the brand name of Devika.
These fluids also known as Phenyl and are extensively used in hospitals and clinics to clean floors, equipments and other materials.
Its usage frees materials and equipment from germs, bacteria and other unseen foreign materials that could be harmful.
Devika Disinfectant is available in 100 ml, 300ml,500 ml,1 Lit PET bottles & 5 litres, 20 litres, 50 litres jerry cans  and 200 litres drums.

Sparkel:Premium Floor Cleaner & Toilet Cleaner!                             

Pine-X Pine Disinfectant: Kill GERMS NATURALLY!

Pine-X is a Pine Disinfectant having a unique citro pine fragrance.

Pine-X: Contains PURE PINE OIL which is known for its germicidal properties. It leaves behind a pleasant PINE fragrance of HYGIENE!

Pine-X is a natural disinfectant  with new citro pine fragrance.
It sparkles marble & granite floors and is FDA approved. 

Usage: dilute to 30 times before use.Available in 100ml to 200lit packing pet packing.


Natural Disinfectant
New Citro Pine Fragrance
Sparkles Marble & Granite Floors
FDA Approved
Dilute to 30 times before use
100ml to 200Lit Packing
Pet packing

Pine-X kills germs that premium floor cleaners can't!


Wi-tol : The milky white cleaner:Keeps Flies & Mosquitoes away!

     Popularly known as white phenyl, Wi-tol is milky white perfumed cleaner with a very pleasant fragrance.
     The unique fragrance naturally keeps flies & mosquitoes away. 
      Available in 1 Lit ,5 Lit & bulk packs, is widely used in restaurants,Hotels etc.



Milky White Cleaner
Cleans Floors, Tiles, Bathrooms etc.
Dilute to 20 times before use
Pleasant perfume


Devika Bleaching Powder


Devika Bleaching Powder:

  Most Effective Bleaching Powder

Cleans Tiles, Bathroom tiles etc.

Attractive odour protective packing

Chlorine content 20% min





Complete Range of Cleaning Products

We also have in our range of Household Cleaning Products the following products:Brush (Cleaning), Cloth Cleaning Wipes,Dish Wash Liquid,Disinfectants,Floor Cleaners,Glass Cleaner,Housekeeping Products,kitchen surface cleaners,Mops,Scrubbers,Toilet Cleaner,Trash Bags,Trash Bins,Utensils Cleaner,White Phenyl etc , for export/Bulk.

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